InFAct is a production and service company based in both Naples and Milan, offering support for the planning and management of photo shoots.
InFAct has extensive experience in scouting locations and producing shoots for the Italian market.
With a clear choice of locations, favourable budget options and high levels of service quality, the company complements the natural advantages brought by the sunny Italian climate to satisfy a wide variety of production needs.
With it's own equipment rental section InFAct supporting productions in Naples and Milan, around Italy and across the rest of Europe, InFAct specialise in on-location equipment rental, providing a flexible service based around the needs of customers.
The company continues to expand its range of available rental equipment, recently adding the Canon camera system, Hasselblad camera system and 'Locationstation' to its digital photography services.
InFAct maintain new and top quality industry-standard equipment, including Profoto flash and light shaping tools, Manfrotto/Avenger grip gear, Sunbounce scrims, Westcott scrimjim, and much more.

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